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GRC Ditch Channel for Bowls Green

GRC Ditch Channel for Bowls Green

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Enhance your bowling club with our durable and lightweight Glass Reinforced Cement (GRC) ditch channels, perfect for new installations or refurbishments. Trusted by numerous bowls clubs across the UK, these channels offer the advantage of being both lightweight and easy to handle. Experience the convenience of simplified installation and transportation with our GRC ditch channels, designed to elevate the functionality and efficiency of your bowling club.

Measuring 980mm in length, these ditch channels feature a taller upright of 340mm against the bank and a smaller upright of 95mm against the playing surface. These measurements allow installation to meet regulations, which state that the bank must be no less than 23cm above the playing surface.

For a standard-size green, we recommend 160 straight sections and 4 corner sections, allowing for some cutting during installation.

Elevate your bowls green renovation with our trusted GRC ditch channels, designed for efficiency, durability, and ease of handling.

  • Made to order in Britain.
  • Free delivery to mainland UK for orders of more than 10x sections.
  • Please allow up to 4-8 weeks for delivery.
  • Returns are not accepted on this item. Please see Return Policy.
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