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Loose Ditch Fill in Net Bags

A versatile, low maintenance ditch fill system that fits all ditch channels.

Product Description

This versatile ditch fill will fit all ditch channels even if they have irregular width or depth. The net bags are 100cm long x 30cm wide and are filled with either small chunks of recycled rubber or rubber pills and will form to fit any ditch channel without cutting or folding. As a result, the system is neat and very easy to maintain.

The net bags are made from non-absorbent material commonly used in the fishing industry, and the rubber is recycled 99.99% metal-free.

  • Manufactured in the UK
  • The net bags are supplied unfilled
  • The rubber is bagged in 25kg sacks and is supplied on a pallet
  • Both items will arrive in separate consignments
  • A standard size green consists of 156 net bags and 40x 25kg sacks of rubber

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