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Loose Ditch Fill

Our industry-leading and ground breaking infill material of irregular shaped rubber chunks.
Our loosefill material has the best holding surface for the jack and bowl when resting in the ditch.

We recommend that this material is contained in netting bags for ease of handling. Just lift the bags out at the end of the year, store and easily replace at the beginning of the next season.This material is made from recycled rubber and has undergone a total of 18 processes to produce a very good quality product. It is clean and free from dust. Rubber chunks up to 25 mm in size giving a good holding surface.

99.999% metal free
40 bags are sufficient for a standard bowling green

Product Description

Our recycled loose rubber material is 99.99% metal free and is supplied either in irregular chunks or as 1cm pills. The rubber provides a versatile and cost efficient layer or protection for your woods.

The rubber material can be poured into bowls ditch channels as loose media or can be packed in to our non-absorbent and hard wearing net bags for easier management.

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