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GRC Ditch Channels


Our ditch channels are a well tried and tested glass reinforced cement unit (GRC) in 98cm lengths with drainage holes. It is quick to install and easy to handle. They have been on the market for over 20 years.

Four corner units are available to complete the set. It is manufactured by the spray-mix method of GRC production. A complete set comprises of 155 straight lengths and 4 corner sections. Four spare lengths are supplied when ordering a full set.

The spray mix GRC is a form of manufacture which provides a HIGH IMPACT STRENGTH material by comparison to cast moulding.

Insist on a spray-mix GRC for an altogether stronger unit.

This unit has been successfully installed throughout the country.

Standard supply for a green 40 metre square green.

Product Description

Our Glass Reinforced Cement (GRC) ditch channels are extensively tried and tested in bowls green renovation applications. Our GRC units are are light and easy to handle, which means lower transportation and installation costs.

Each section is 980 mm long. The taller upright is 340 mm and sits against the bank while the the smaller upright of 90mm sits against the playing surface.

A standard size green requires 155 straight sections and four corner sections. Four spare straight lengths are supplied with a full set.

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